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Annual Bronco AGM

The Charleswood Broncos AGM will be held on Wednesday November 26, 2014 at 7:00 pm. All of the Charleswood Bronco parents are encouraged to attend.  If you are interested in helping to shape and grow our club, put your name forward to join the board and let your voice be heard. The Board of  Directors also need Members-at-Large.

What does a member at large do? Attend the monthly board meetings and provide guidance. Your opinions and resources can make our club even better. 

A list of vacancies will be posted on our website soon.


Cash Calendar October Winners

Date  $ Amount  Name Ticket # Sold By
1-Oct  $   75.00 John Pagee 1012 Nolan Pagee
2-Oct  $   25.00 The Guercios 1266 Evan Guercio
3-Oct  $   50.00 Michael O'Halloran 1066 Shaun O'Halloran
4-Oct  $100.00 Joan Lesko 1242 Jack Cherepak
5-Oct  $   50.00 EricMcLuckie 1025 Tyler McLuckie
6-Oct  $   25.00 Maurie Bramwell 1531 Liam Kletke
7-Oct  $   25.00 Guy Senecal 1466 Zach Little
8-Oct  $   25.00 Isa Warren 1460 Cindy Little
9-Oct  $   25.00 Mae Foran 1072 Allan Foran
10-Oct  $   50.00 Kamrl Zambreycki 1588 Zachary Ducharme
11-Oct  $100.00 Rene Laramee 1073 Allan Foran
12-Oct  $   50.00 Cameron Seitz 1201 Tyler Seitz
13-Oct  $   25.00 Eilleen Baylis 1133 Zach Baylis
14-Oct  $   25.00 Karen Paborsa 1409 Ciaran McCann
15-Oct  $   25.00 Rene Laramee 1073 Allan Foran
16-Oct  $   25.00 Ian Lillie 1516 Scott Lillie
17-Oct  $   50.00 Jim Baylis 1140 Zach Baylis
18-Oct  $100.00 Domenico Caligiuri 1311 Darla Caligiuri
19-Oct  $   50.00 Jeremy Appolloni 1159 Andrew Antonick
20-Oct  $   25.00 Anna Duffy 1437 Cindy Little
21-Oct  $   25.00 Mandy Chapdelaine 1027 Ty McLuckie
22-Oct  $   25.00 Tanya Jenkyns 1157 Andrew Antonick
23-Oct  $   25.00 Debbie Lesage 1216 Cindy Little
24-Oct  $   50.00 Ron McDonell 1583 Zac Ducharme
25-Oct  $100.00 Richard & Val Waller 1187 Cole Davies
26-Oct  $   50.00 John Pagee 1012 Nolan Pagee
27-Oct  $   25.00 Lilly Pagee 1017 Nolan Pagee
28-Oct  $   25.00 Mike Fagan 1383 Conor Fagan
29-Oct  $   25.00 Daniel Trudel 1307 Alex Rempel
30-Oct  $   25.00 Dave Brown 1367 PJ Redmond
31-Oct  $500.00 Ned Allingham 1598 Nathaniel Thompson

Thank you to everyone who supported the Charleswood Broncos this season.  Congratulations to all of the winners! 

Charleswood Broncos PeeWee make Semi-Finals

Lets all congratulate PeeWee on making Semi Finals.

Lets all try to get out in our team colors and cheer them on as they face the St. Vital Mustangs on Sunday @ 11:30 at the Mustangs field off the Perimeter and St. Mary's.

Wear Purple and gold, Atom and Bantam's wear your jersey and lets show everyone how AWESOME the Charleswood Broncos Football Club is!!!


Team Picture Dates

The dates for team pictures have been posted to the website and are as follows:

-  Peewee and Bantam teams will be Wednesday September 10th, 2014. Peewees at 6:30pm and Bantams at approximately 7:00pm.

- Atom and Crunchers will beSeptember 11th, 2014 with Atoms at 6:30pm and Crucnhers at approximately 7:00pm. We are using Stafford Studios again this year.

Below you will see the order form for download. Please make sure you have it filled out for your players picture day.


September Winners

Date $ Amt Name ticket # Sold By
1-Sep 100 Maria Athanasopoulos 1092 Panayioh Athanasopoulos
2-Sep 25 Wendy Ducharme 1418 Zac Ducharme
3-Sep 25 Linda Dixon 1682 Max Preston
4-Sep 25 Michael O'Halloran 1062 Shawn O'Halloran
5-Sep 50 David Firth 1526 Liam Kletke
6-Sep 100 Jodi Fisher 1401 Ciaran McCann
7-Sep 50 Glenn Agustin 1222 Andrew Hirst
8-Sep 25 Heather Blanchard 1047 Heather/Bradlie
9-Sep 25 Maria Athanasopoulos 1092 Panayioh Athanasopoulos
10-Sep 25 Tracy Solar 1009 Presley Solar Mackay
11-Sep 25 Joe Leuzzi 1478 Mickey Leuzzi
12-Sep 50 Krystle Warren 1200 Nathaniel Thompson
13-Sep 100 Allan Foran 1080 Allan Foran
14-Sep 50 Brad Doell 1518 Scott Lillie
15-Sep 25 Wendy Ducharme 1413 Zac Ducharme
16-Sep 25 Andrea Morann 1175 Morgan Lane
17-Sep 25 Tony Reznik 1329 Max Preston
18-Sep 25 Jennifer Lamb 1551 Zac Isaac
19-Sep 50 Martha Gibbons 1033 Austin Jenkyns
20-Sep 100 Michelle Catellier 1238 Noah Gnidziejko
21-Sep 50 Nelson Bourdon 1146 Nelson Bourdon
22-Sep 25 Tanya Anania 1579 Kenny Montgomery
23-Sep 25 Marlene Bernstrom 1564 Zach Isaac
24-Sep 25 Pamela Dixon 1615 Sam W
25-Sep 25 Lilly Pagee 1017 Nolan Pagee
26-Sep 50 Trudy Martens 1640 Ty McLuckie
27-Sep 100 Tammy Mignacca 1631 Ty McLuckie
28-Sep 50 Michael Plueschow 1548 Reed Davies
29-Sep 25 Shona Murphy 1627 Cole Davies
30-Sep 500 Pamela Dixon 1605 Sam W

2014 Charleswood Broncos Bantam ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On Sunday August 24th, 2014 the Charleswood Broncos Bantam team accepted former Winnipeg Blue Bombers ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. See the video below

The field is ready!

Create Account & DIBS sign up

Visual Cheat Sheet to sign up for account and how to claim a volunteer opportunity (DIBS)

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events found.

fit performance camp for youth

 Fit-Performance camp for youth is to begin Monday November 3, at 5:45 pm.

 Showtime Fitness 1855 Portage Avenue


To improve the speed and performance of youth  athletes in football and hockey.

To bridge the gap between required skills and age groups at the  atom and peewee level.

Each class will be individualized as well as group participation.


Registration is $120 /duration 7 weeks

Dr.Chuck and I are looking forward to working with the Broncos Club to FINE TUNE the “SKLZ” of  fantastic athletes. 

Dtermined Sklz camp, please call 223-3762 to register or email darla@dtermined.ca